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Wide Format Printing

What makes Trinity Graphic's UV Inkjet printing the best option!

UV inkjet is a fast, environmentally friendly and sustainable digital printing technology, with an incredible agility to be able to print onto any substrate. The vibrant pigments create dynamic jaw-dropping results, which can be created on more non-traditional materials such as textiles, plastics, metals and woods. Only your imagination creates the limitations.

This cutting edge technique for applying ink to the medium has revolutionized this progressive industry, and is responsible for creating many trends in the art, design, fashion and the furniture world. Innovation is critically essential in any business, and at Trinity, we thrive on innovation and diversification by investing time and money into our ever-evolving marketplace. With the dedication of our incredible team, new products are created seamlessly to fulfill and go beyond what our clients ask at every level.


The 6 EFI-VUTEk machines are incredibly versatile hybrid printers that can print on a web of material or as a flatbed unit, on rigid materials up to 2" thick and 10 ft. wide. Another significant stand-alone capability is the ability to print 4-color process, then a layer of white and another 4-color process on top of that, all in perfect register. This allows an image to be viewed from both sides of a clear substrate, such as polyester or acrylics, all in perfect register, while only printing on one side. Signage, banners, wall coverings, etc., provide unlimited opportunities for creativity.


Trinity's wide format printing devices range from 60" aqueous devices, to the 10ft. Superwide EFI-VUTEk UV inkjet GS3250 machines located in our two facilities. A total of 20 environmentally friendly UV inkjet printing heads produce incredible opacity and density similar to silk screen printing, but with a significant improvement in quality. With a 10 ft. wide web to print on, we can produce the image in one single piece, avoiding stitching or gluing which compromise the strength and integrity of the final product.

The products we print all require consistent print quality on a variety of substrates, therefore, we employ the most accurate color control devices available in the industry. Only the highest quality images survive our intense quality control.

Flexo Pre-Press

Just Plain Experts!

In the world of Flexo Pre-Press and Platemaking, YOU don't have to be the expert in every facet of package printing, we can help! We just happen to be the experts in the pre-press and platemaking. Trinity can accomplish all your flexo prepress needs, or even just parts of it. We can provide either the press match proofing, file prep or finished output of film or plates, depending on what your own art department is capable of.

We do, however, specialize in significant amounts of high end four color process work, where we help our clients who have simple, analog platemaking in-house by providing them with our services to still compete in this value added marketplace.

Let us partner with you, and show you how we can collaborate with your in-house team to make your operation more efficient, productive and simultaneously cost effective.

Partnering With You.

At Trinity Graphic, we take our relationship with our clients very seriously.

Your challenges become our challenges.

Your deadlines become our deadlines.

Your success becomes our success!