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What is Wide Format Printing at Trinity Graphic

It's Art
When you print something this wide and infinitely tall, how else could you describe it except 'ART'? But art can take two forms. The first and obvious is the creative design statement by a customer. The use of color, the arrangement of subjects and the typographic elements of the composition. This is your work of art and your statement.

At Trinity Graphic, we take our 'Art' just as seriously as you do yours. Our art is defined as the process of taking your art and reproducing it exactly to the original, a thousand times, on any substrate. And we are professionals at it. Whether your art to be reproduced is an ink on a reflective, metallic substrate or a giclee on canvas, we understand how our printers perform on any substrate. With our vast experience and knowledge, we bring out each subtle detail or tantalizing effect you are looking for.

It's Science
When you consider all the complicating factors that have to merge together, to create the spectacular printed results we produce, it can only be described as science. Our investments in the most sophisticated softwares and printing equipment on the planet, coupled with our 'best in the industry' operators, make you believe we are operating in a science laboratory if you come witness our production environment for yourself.

During the operation of the digital die cutting machines we use from Esko Kongsberg, it would make you feel that you are watching a robotic scene from a Hollywood movie set, as they precisely cut out the various material, one piece at a time.

It's Horsepower
Horsepower is defined as work done over time. At Trinity Graphic, that's a lot of work over a short time! Our workflow process enables us to expedite critical, time-bound work into the workflow without disrupting the scheduled production. Our schedulers and production team work together to maximize the output of both printers and cutters. Using state of the art imposition software, we can maximize the yield on both our printers and cutters. This nesting process allows us to fit more elements onto the substrate thus ultimately speeding up the process and saving the customer production costs.

This nesting technology can adjust the throughput dramatically to get your project completed faster. No matter what substrate or color ink you need, we will have it ready when your job is in the queue!

Now that's a lot of horsepower!

It's Capacity
With our entrepreneurial culture, Trinity management have always been firm believers in preparing for increased capacity, and have structured the operations accordingly. We understand that to grow any business it makes complete sense to be ready to help a new client with a vision. With this in mind, the Trinity Graphic production team is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Now that's Capacity!

It's Perfection
One of the things you notice immediately when you walk into the production environment at Trinity Graphic, is the meticulous cleanliness. Dealing with many film substrates, you have to be concerned with static and the attraction of dust and dirt on the printing surface. That is why our state of the art air handling and purification system assures that during both the printing and converting process, no outside dirt is introduced into the environment. This is reflected in the most effective yields achieved day after day, month after month by this production team.

It's as close to a pharmaceutical facility as you can get our cleanliness allows us improved production yields and reduces waste and cost as a result. Trinity's philosophy is to ensure that this cleanliness is demonstrated by each employee in their individual role of the production process. It's not only perfection in the process or perfection in our product, but perfection of the process.